Challenging sample print success: Diamond atomic lattice structure

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I am seriously blown away by the quality of this printer.  Everything about it impresses me, especially given the minimal cost.  Here is a couple images of a print I did last night.  I actually could not even get this model to load in another printer software (whose name I won't mention).  Even reducing the model down to ONE 3 branch unit would not work in my other new printer.

Cetus3D, your team did an outstanding job.  Congratulations on such a successful project.

This print took about 4+ hours.  It took about 45 seconds to remove from the build platform.  It took about 90 seconds to remove all supports from the model.  I then did about 10-15 minutes detailed cleanup work to remove small bits of support.  Considering it would take much longer to do all three of those activities using another printer, if another printer could even do this, it is a big win.

I am now about 10 hours into a 57 hour print of something much more complex.  I will share if successful.


Beautiful!!!! I've been too hesitant to do a longer print job...would love to see that one wne its done!! Thansk for sharing!

That looks amazing.

Actually one thing I'm having challenges with, is removing the raft. It is stuck on really good, and quite hard to remove, especially on large surface area prints.

On one print, the raft left deep scars in the surface. I had printed it face down, so I wanted the front face to look a bit better than how it came out.

Took me about 30 minutes with sand paper, polishing compound, and a heat gun (print is in PLA) to get the surface somewhat smooth again.

If you can get the supports off that model that easily, with those results, I'm starting to think that I may be printing with too high temperature. I'm using the standard settings from the PLA profile of the Cetus Studio software.

Time to experiment.

Thanks for sharing.

OUTSTANDING...that's really cool!!

I've done 4 models and had 2 that the raft popped off like peeling tape off...the other 2 had some sticking. (one was in PETG though).

I'm on a 14 hour print right now..



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Beautiful!!! I've been too hesitant to do a longer print job…would love to see that one wne i …[/quote]

thanks!  The second one printed.  It has some issues but what did come out was impressive.  I will post pics tonight so keep and eye open for them.

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That looks amazing.Actually one thing I'm having challenges with, is removing the raft. It is st …[/quote]

Thanks JanP.  My really big print finished yesterday, and now I know what you are talking about.  This second one was a whole different story.  It is still impressive that the printer did it but I had some serious issues.  I am going to do a new post later so check it out.  In short, we need the ability to preview supports before we start a print.

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OUTSTANDING…that's really cool!!I've done 4 models and had 2 that the raft popped off like …[/quote]

Thanks!  I hope yours came out well.  I had some big issues on my 57 hour one though it still came out.  I will post on it tonight and you will see.