Cetus3D software will not load on two of my computers



I have had no success trying to load the Cetus 3D sofware downloaded from your website. I have even tried on two of my computers.


I have tried the suggestion ( shown in the blog) to disable the “unsigned drivers” in the Windows 10 software, but the installing of the Cetus 3d software crashes.


Given this 3d Printer is offered for sale as a working concern this bug should have been fixed before this.


Could you please offer me a quick solution to get my 3dPrinter working.


Perhaps you could provide a "link " to any updated software.


I am not happy with my purchase of your product.


cheers Colin

mradi 2017-12-14 10:15 edit

Hi Colin, 

It works for me now: I couldn't get it to start over remote desktop, once I logged in localy and start it. 

I could use it remotely. 

Still no reply after days.

Cetus needs to improve its public relations and communication skills to its customers, otherwise it will not have any.