Cetus3D printer does not see my wireless network

The printer sees some of the other network names in the area but my network name does not show up. My router is an Apple AirPort Extreme. Everything else in the house can see my network name just fine and it is not hidden.

I had to keep refreshing about 5 - 6 times before it showss up for me to select. Maybe move closer to the router while setting it up?

I was in the same room with it so it was less than 30 feet from me. I'll keep trying.


Today I tried again and now it came up with a whole list of networks that were not showing yesterday. One of them was my home network and I was able to get connected.


My printers see other networks but not mine for some reason.  I may have to relocate closer to the wireless source.  I don't know.

That's the same issue I had. The printer only saw 2 networks and neither of them was mine. The next morning, with no changes, it saw way more networks and mine was in the list. There must be some issue in the wifi code in the printer that causes it to take a while (a long while) to get a good scan of the available networks. Just be sure to leave the printer powered up and keep checking.