Cetus3D Mk3 heated bed

I just got the official heated bed for my Cetus MkIII.

  1. It came with some sort of transparent film on top β€” do I remove it or leave it?
  2. There are two "heat boards" (black with lots of holes) bundled with it:
    • What's their purpose?
    • Why are there two?


I removed my blue film and I assume the extra board is just extra.

What I had issue was powering it? I still don’t know How do I turn it on? Also not sure what the 24v input pin assignments are I bought a meanwell power and connect it to the adapter it came with but when I plug it in it makes sparks and short circuit the power brick.

The black perforated print board should be on top of the heated bed.
The blue film on the heate bed is just protective film, should be removed before using.

If you are using non-official power supply, please note the polarity of the power connector.
Polarity of pins is following, note the space between pins are not equal.

The package should inlcuded a yellow connector for people who do not want to buy the 220W power supply, so that they can solder it to their existing power supply.

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