Cetus3D has blackscreen in macOS Big Sur

I updated macOS to Big Sur last week and now have a ‘black screen’ in Cetus3D where usually the grid and 3D model are shown. This makes that I cannot decide how the print is orientated nor make any adjustments. Although I cannot prove it I assume it has to do with the upgrade as Big Sur did modify the way colours are handled.

Does anyone have the same problem?
Is there some setting for Cetus3D that I can use to change the background?
What to do…?

Using Cetus3D version 2.2.2 (1186)

Try UP Studio 2.6.49, Cetus3D software was merged into UP Studio and obsoleted.

Thank you Jason, I didn’t know it was deprecated. Using Up Studio fixed my problem and I am happy printing again :grinning: