Cetus2 - Prints too thick even after model calibration


I’m having problems with my Cetus2 that the prints are coming out too thick. I’ve done a model calibration and reprinting the calibration cube comes out to be 49.96 mm. However every other model seems to be thicker by up to 10%, e.g. 19.6 mm comes out to be 20.82. 33 mm comes out as 34.08 mm.

Seems like a relatively consistent ~1.1mm height increase…

Calibration cube and one of the test print printed on exact same settings, sliced in the same session of Up Studio 3.2.7, sent to Wand via opening .tsg file in the temp_file directory.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Hoping support may have an answer for this too.

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I think I make the same observation and this is probably the cause of my same ‘too thick’ problem.
1)The model almost a 16mm cube, with a recess at what is supposed to be every 2mm.
2)Both models were are the same STL, loaded twice into Up Studio 3.2.7, autoplaced and then sliced together with same material/settings etc.
3)The left model has the bottom of the (barely visible) ‘A’ pointing the right way with base to the bottom, the right model was printed with the base at the top of the image.
4)The bottom 3 “2mm” ridges are approximately ~2.33mm. The rest are ~1.99. This is on both objects.
5)This seems consistent with my observation that my models are approximately 1mm thicker than expected.
6)The pictured thickness dimensions are consistent with my vernier caliper measurements (close enough, its 17.40 mm and 17.18 mm for the thicknesses I got, so 0.12 and 0.14mm off from the computer measurement).

Assuming the Gcode in the TSG file is representative of the other binary data…

It seems all OK with layers mostly at 0.2mm Z height differences (as expected for my layer thickness) with 2 instances of 0.21mm. The first layer seems to start at -0.05mm to give it plate adhesion, and the last layer thus starts at 15.77 mm = 15.97 mm = expected.

So I hypothesis the problem is in the firmware of the printer instead of an Up Studio problem.

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Could be related to leveling. You can send a photo of the leveling data on the touchscreen and the tsg file, to support@cetus3d.com

Hi Jason - Emailed, thanks. I think I ‘see’ the problem. I hope your Engineers can come up with a fix or instructions if level calibration should be performed after model calibration etc.

Before my Cetus2 went down due to fried motherboard, what I noticed was after running auto-bed level calibration multiple times it would settle in a some values. I also noticed a difference in values between hot and cool states which seems to be that perhaps there’s some flexing in the bed surface.

If the underlying bed supporting metal was stamped vs cut this can cause stored stress in the metal and that would cause odd flexing while running hot.