Cetus2 Print aborted with timeout warning message

I am printing a model with two colors and the print is repeatedly aborted.
It happens after the printer has worked just fine for a while, maybe after 30 to 60 minutes, but not always at the same stage in the print. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later.

There is a popup message on the display that reads:

Send NC code to slave, timeout, reason:-3

After closing the message the printer is in a weird state, as if it has lost its position and status. I have to reset, initialize and recalibrate to get the printer running properly again.

Any ideas what causes the print fail, and what I can do to get around it?

I had a similar problem and found that the filiment of extruder 2 had broken, so every time I restarted the print it only used extruder 1 up to the same point, where the print would failure again, until I found the broken filiment.

Thank you RB2018. A broken filament might have been the issue on my printer as well, I could generate a successful print after extracting and re-inserting the filament.
Where exactly was your filament broken? Somewhere near the print head? Or somewhere in the feed near the filament sensor? I received a proper “filament error” message when the filament was broken near the sensor. The strange timeout message must have been a failure elsewhere in the feed.