Cetus won't startup

hello All, I realy like my cetus. I got it from the kickstarter and it printed perfect from day one. However it is broken now. when I turn on the printer the fans go on but when i switch the second button I get one beep and the light stays red. the printhead does not move at all, won’t get to the top position. Please help. I tried to start up several times, unplugged the power supply, unplugged the usb connection, nothing helps…

greetings from the netherlands, jack canjels

Thnx cetus! After consulting the online helpdesk, the people from cetus concluded that the cpu was defect. They send me a new one for €50. I installed it today and it the printer wirks again like a dream. Thank you cetus team for the quick respond and service!!!

Since they’re making you pay for it, you probably should have upgraded the CPU to something that supports a printserver like the TinyFab CPU.