Cetus Studio system requirements

JanP 2017-1-17 05:20 edit

I'm running all Linux which I know is not supported. So I've installed Windows 10 in a Virtual PC (QEMU/KVM).

Installation goes well, but when I start the application, I get anerror message to update OpenGL and to check the graphics card drivers

Currently the display in KVM is set to 1600 * 900. The Video controller is set to have 4Gb Memory, through the Redhat QXL driver.

What system environment does Cetus Studio require to run?

The Windows software require display card support OpenGL 2.0 or above.

The Mac version need OSX 10.10 or above

Thank you Jason

I'll look in to this further this weekend.

For anyone running LInux, you can get Cetus studio to run under Linux (kind of) through VirtualBox.

The issue I had, was an age old problem with the Guest Additions installer. It fails to add three register keys that advertise the OpenGL features.

More information available in the ticket below


Sadly this issue was discovered 3 years ago, solved 18 months ago, but are still there in the latest 5.1.14 version of Guest Additions.

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go through wine then either?

am seriously considering this printer but if i cant get it to run on
linux its a no go…

there any published source code or is it all closed source?

is a pain in my experience and the performance leaves much to be desired…



You should be able to use https://github.com/UP3D-gcode/UP3D with the printer as shipped, alternatively you can replace the CPU with the tinyFab CPU which runs the open source smoothieware at which point you can use lots of different slicers, etc

But what about WINE (Windows emulator)? Does it work?