Cetus print speed?


Just wondering if print speed for cetus is usually this slow or if I have changed some settings, i havent used it for while and seemed to remember it being quicker than it is now.

For example if i add a cube from the menu and stretch it to L10cm x W10cm x H1cm (.4mm nozzle, .2 height and 15% infil), ,no raft

fast =4h 30m


fast =7 h

Ive noticed the first layer seems to take ages now, i.e. the first layer for the above object would take about 30mins.

Does that seem normal?...... perhaps someone could create the object above and preview the estimated speeds, to see how they compare with what i get.

many thanks  

I did a preview for a 10cm x 10cm x 1cm  .4mm noz .2 height and 15% infill no raft.

Fast= 3H 10M

Normal= 4H 0M

Fine= 5H 1M  (I assume that 7H time was for Fine, not fast.)

many thanks, will have to look into my settings at least now i know what speed i should be aiming for, cheers