Cetus PLA Available?

Where can I purchase the PLA that was provided as samples with my Cetus printer?  I have now tried several other manufacturer's PLA and none work as well as the Cetus samples. It comes without any real identification. Is it manufactured by Tiertime or is is available under some other brand name. Any assistance would be appreciated

going to piggy back here as I am sure i will need more as well. OI know people mentioned rigid.ink, but that seems to be a UK compnay. Any good places in the US to get PLA if we can't get more from Cetus?

I've tried the following brand PLA filaments and all performed perfectly:

-3D Solutech

All in all, I've tried ~15 different PLA filaments. Basically everything I have on hand.

Amazon is my primary source for filament (they stock all but Cetus). I've read/seen that people claim they have purchased filament locally. I'm not sure what type of store would stock filament, though. Maybe a hobby store? It's too convenient to pick two colors from Amazon and have them arrive the next day.

Just made a discovery.  It appears the provided Cetus filament is actually made by Afinia. A piece of their packaging showed up in a Cetus mailing and the colors they have are identical to the samples provided with my Cetus.  

Personally, I've had better results with other brands. Specifically Makergeeks, Hatchbox, Atomic Filament, eSun. 

Brands I won't use any more of the Cetus house brand or AMZ3D (except for their transparent clear)

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I've tried the following brand PLA filaments and all performed perfectly:-Cetus-3D Solutech-Argo …[/quote]

Not everyone wants to pay for next day shipping or be part of Prime. then a local source to have it right now if it is at the same price is preferable.