Cetus MK3 sporadic clunking noise

I have noticed this strange clunking noise, and I cannot work out what’s causing it, or whether its related to the X, Y or Z axis. has anyone had this before?

Clunking Video

The print quality seems pretty good, so it’s not causing catastrophic side effects!

Any info would be most appreciated.

Thanks so much


Turned out to be the extruder slipping on the filament… rather than any of the axis’ binding…

I had this too. The heat element is the culprit. I got a new heatblock from tiertime under warranty.

What you hear now, is the beginning of all misery to come. Cleaning the nozzle will help a short time. Leveling the bed helps, but still the printing becomes worse and worse. You can see it on the printed layers. Sometimes there is some mishap between layers. Experimenting with the temperature does not help. Using one of the other nozzles helps for short.

What you can do is reaching the helpdesk from tiertime. There is a button in the Up software. With the interaction you will become closer to a solution.


Thanks for your message Arie, that’s really interesting to know.
When your heat block was malfunctioning, did it show that you had low temperature in the UP studio software, or did that show everything was the correct temp?
I did get in touch with Tiertime and their support was very helpful indeed, they have just sent out a new extruder unit, as that is where they thought the problem lay, I’ll keep the heat block in mind though if the extruder doesn’t solve my issues!
Is your Cetus printing well now?



I used the printer for 11 months now, and ther are still problems. First the what i discribed above. Now it is comming back. I use a other brand of filament (3Djake). Worst than this is not thinkeble.
But i notice also mechanical problems; the liniaer rails (X-axis) are running heavy on surtain points. The Y-axis had this from beginning, some rumbeling noises. I thought it is new, it suppose to be like this. The y-axis is doing it now too. It is noticeble when the printhead moves suddenly fast. It skips/slips over the gear.

A produckt that works less than 11 months… never worked well… printing a total of 5 kg, which thrown away of 3-4 kg of mishaps. Good score!

I still thought that my printer is a piece of garbage and now i know it is so.