Cetus MK3 - replace main board - now has a heated bed temp without a heated bed

I replaced the main board on a cetus MK3 to fix a ‘nozzle too cold’ error. Now that I have replaced the main board I can’t print as it shows a heated bed temp of 117 degrees celcius. This cetus does not have a heated bed. Does anybody know how to fix this error.

I have the Cetus MKII, also no heated bed. Windows UP Studio downloaded yesterday s/w.
On attempting to increase the extruder temperature, I had to create a new material.
When this was done, I note it’s trying to heat the bed which will never happen.
Bed levelling is super slow. Could one type in a height value in the box please then adjust?
UP Studio beta Ver 3.x.x bed levelling went totally nuts with printing starting 10mm up.
Extruder temperature, can it stay hot between jobs or initialise.