Cetus MK3 - G-Code - Extruder

Hello everyone,

because I miss some features of UpStudio, I try to provide the printer with information via g-code. This works out for the most part. However, my Cetus doesn't always extrude the material as entered in the g-code.

Unfortunately there is no recognizable connection for me. Either the required value is extruded (e.g. during normal printing), or 1/20 of the given value (e.g. during retraction). Has a similar behavior already occurred in someone, or does someone have an idea what I'm doing wrong?

Thank you very much!

Enclosed the G-Code to look at. The place, but the unwanted behavior occurs I have commented (scroll all the way down).



Make sure your are sending the Gcode from UP Studio, other softwares cannot communicate with Cetus.


I’am sending from UP Studio. I can print too. But the printer doesn’t do, what the G-Code says.
For some commands (e.g. retraction or restart) it extrudes only one twentieth of the material.


What retraction distance is set to? 16mm? I would try 3mm to see if it will make any difference.