Cetus mk3 extended deluxe

I’ve received my mk3 extended deluxe yesterday, assembled the printer and started setting it up all worked well automatic bet levelling etc. Until I had tried to extrud new filament, the nozzle heats up but the NTC sensor shows -0.70C, when I disconnect the heating & sensor terminal connecting block it shows about something like 330C also when I try to heat the printing bed, it just doesn’t heat. Can anyone help please?

I have sorted out the problem, the issue was with the extruder PCB. It had to be flooded or was stored in dmp place, the circuit connections were dirty and there was no conductivity from the temperature sensor. I had brushed the PCB,s soldered side with plastic brush in the sink, dried it with hair dryer and cleaned it with electronic contact cleaner and dried it again( I can attache some pictures of the PCB), thankfully all works now. I’ve printed some samples and I’m pretty impressed with the quality and the printing speed. Can someone advise me please how to set up custome materials settings please.