Cetus MK3,build platform freezes

Hello,I have some trouble with an MK3. After I have initialized the machine and printed an object, everything work well except the build platform just freezed. It did not move a little bit. But when I tried to pull the platform, it moved, which proved the pulley was fine. Maybe the motor contolling the pulley broke down. Thanks a lot if u could help me!

Can you initialize the printer normally?

Thank u for your reply!
The initialization in the y and z axis was fine, but the x axis wasn’t. Actually, nothing happened after the print head have risen to the top. I didn’t hear any voice from the moto during that time. And after a dazon of seconds, initialization continued at the y and z axis. It seems that the chips konw the prcess but the motor dosn’t work.

Please check if the motor cable is plugged securely or try unplug and replug it.
If everything seems alright, could be mainboard malfunction and we can send you a new mainboard to try.