Cetus MK2 to MK3 with touchscreen problem

Hi guys,

I have proceed to the upgrade of my mk2 to an mk3 version using the Tiertime kit. all is fitted correctly, I have turn on the machine and all was ok (machine & display)… until Nozzle height calibration … impossible to do it !
Up studio send me the message “value out of range”.After some test I conclude that the firmware of the CPU was for an extend machine version.
after some reseach I found the flash tool and ROM of the Cetus on this link:

I installed this ROM : Cetus_S7NTC_R_180524_MK3-STD.ROM
reboot the machine and now my problem is that all working fine on the machine, appart the LCD display that don’t to turn on.

Is someone able to change config and activate the LCD ?
is necessary to reflash the ROM with an other file to activate it ?

Thanks for your help !

The touchscreen inlcuded a new CPU, make sure you have installed the new CPU.