Cetus MK2, dimensional accuracy problems with g-code


I am experiencing problems with printing g-code on a MK2 Cetus. I printed several test parts with a height of 100 mm in CAD. Dimensions in X and Y are fine, but not on Z. The printed parts are around 97,8 to 98 mm in height.

What’s super strange: I manually wrote a gcode-program that raise the Z-axis 500 times, 0,2 mm each (the same layer height I used in Slic3r before). With some X-axis movement, so the z-axis have to move on each “layerchange” separately. After this program the nozzle is on a perfect height (around 100,1 mm).

So I am pretty confused why there is this heavy error with g-code from Slic3r and none with manually written code. I checked the code from Slic3r too. Nothing strange, just normal commands to raise the Z-axis.

It would be really great to fix this, so help is much appreciated.

Edited: The z-error is arround 2% each time. I printed some parts with a height of 50mm, the printed height was 49mm.