Cetus Mk2 and Mk3 extended Z-Axis?

Good afternoon,
I have 3 tiertime printers.
Up mini 2, Up Box+ and Cetus Mk2 Extended.
I have two queries,

  1. A friend does not use his Cetus Mk3 Standard, he wants to give it to me, and I wonder if I can put my Mk2 Extended Z-Axis in this Cetus Mk3 standard? Are mk2 and mk3 extended Z-axis the same? I know the limit switch wire would have to be longer.

  2. Really, apart from the limit switches, is the Mk3 much better than the Mk2?

Thanks in advance.

The Z axis may not be interchageable as the alu extrusion may not be the same length. The mk2 and mk3 should has the same print quality, I dont think the mod will give you any advantage.

Thank Jason.
I am looking for a small SLA (Resin) printer, do you know any small and cheap?
What concerns me most in SLAs is the part cleaning after printed, but I’d like to see how the procedure works and the difference in resolution with FDMs.
Thank you very much for answering, Jason.

If you are looking for SLA (not DLP), take a look at Formlabs.
If you are generally looking for a resin printer, then there are plenty of cheap choices, but I personally never used any of them. I did have an Uniz, but I dont like how it works.