Cetus Forum and Manual

Sorry Cetus, but this forum is not very user friendly and your printer manual absolutely sucks!

Yes, the manual sucks. I know.

Here is a great FB post summarizing guides and tutorials


Look at this first.

True, but the printer is fantastic. I'd rather have a great printer and a crappy manual/forum than a great manual/forum and a shitty printer (aka, Tiko3D)!

Why are we being redirected to Facebook?  It seems silly for me to create an account on Facebook simply to see what was posted.  Is Facebook to become the official support forum for Cetus?  I'm confused.

Why is that a closed group? You should make it an open group. 

You should NOT use Facebook for supporting a commercial product.


Funny... You posted it for the anti-facebook folks... but your thingiverse links all point to facebook.