Cetus extruder clicking

The extruder on my 3d printer that I got a few days ago is clicking. I understand that this is a relatively common problem but I can’t find a solution that works. I’ve raised the temperature of the nozzle to 220 degrees, which is way higher than pla should print at, I’ve de-clogged my nozzle many times and I’ve calibrated the machine more times than I can count. When the print temperature was 220 the print seemed to go fine until 2 hours in when it started frantically clicking.


Please help me.

I have had this issue a couple times and I think it has to do with the filament itself.  It happens sporadically when I try a diferent kind of filament so sometimes the tolernace in the width ofthe filament is off.  Some times the cheap filament is the one that clicks the most.  It could be fine for 1/2 the print start clicking and then stop 5 minutes later once it gets past the imperfect width of the filament.  Tha't my guess or i could be completely wrong as per usual.

I have just received the latest extruder from Cetus about a week ago. And after assembly, it did maybe 5 or 6 prints flawlessly. After that, the extruder started clicking sporadically…and still the print would finish. Few more prints down the road, the clicking becomes very frequent i.e. several times per layer. This eventually resulted in a clogged up nozzle and the filament no longer advancing with the gear creating a gorge in the filament. I then did a cold pull to restore the nozzle and started more prints once it was extruding again. However, the clicking remains. And is getting more frequent for each subsequent print job. I’ve now changed the temperature to 220C but it makes zero difference. As for it being filament specific I doubt this as I’m now on a new reel from a different manufacturer but still the same clicking issue while printing. My theory is that it is the feed rate that needs to be adjusted however this is not possible in Up Studio.

I hope Cetus support could at least provide something to try to resolve this as I really want to use this printer in an educational setting (read: it has to be reliable enough to keep printing without issue)

I just discovered the Extrusion Width option in the Print menu. Assuming I use a 0.4 nozzle but set the extrusion width to 0.36…does this effectively reduce the feed rate? Hope someone could shed some light on this setting…