Cetus Crashes

Every time I try to open Cetus it crashes.  "Cetus 3D has stopped working."  I have a new laptop with Windows 10, 32 bit with only 2 gig of RAM.  Is the small amount of RAM an issue?  I have tried older versions of Cetus 3D, with no success.  Works great on my other laptop.


Larry B.

Having the same problem on Windows 7 Pro, 32 bit machine.

Gary D

Yes I have this problem with Win 7 pro 32 - just put printer together but cannot get the software to run. I've tried loading it on another pc (my lap top win7 machine) and that says installation ended prematurely :(

Not very good this - need urgent support

Jason, we need a solution to this issue !

It seems the x86 32 bit version will not run under Win7 but the 64 bit version is ok - I need to get this running on a 32 bit machine so I can have my 64 bit one back for other uses !!!!!

Running the windows 7 compatability checker on the 32 bit Cetus program reports that it is INCOMPATIBLE

JASON WE NEED A SOLUTION - I'm not hearing ANYTHING from you :( ;(

Still no resolution to this very fundamental problem - CETUS support where are you on this ????