Cetus arrived (but damaged)

Hi all.

My Cetus arrived, and unfortunately, the trip was not kind to the box or the printer inside.


Can someone confirm that the Z axis mount is supposed to be one part?


This part is supposed to be a single part. The part that's stuck in the rail is attached to the belt. Without that connection, the z-axis motor won't be able to move the axis up and down.

I know if I ever need to ship something, DHL is at the bottom of the list. Mine arrived with a hole in the box as well.

Well, there is just enough PLA (one layer) to raise the arm once or twice, as we know, gravity takes care of lowering the arm.

PLA, meet soldering iron...


Awesome!! At the very least that peice can be re-printed later on. I know some other people were able to contact Cetus to get STL files for all thwir printed parts.

Mine also came this way (shipped last April) and I had no idea these two parts were supposed to be connected. Somehow my printer still works fine, and I was able to reprint this part. Cetus could really work on the shipping packaging or print stronger parts (there's no real reason for an overhang to exist on this part).