Cetus and Marlin Firmware (full g-code support)

Hi. I would like to show you my first attempt to create alternative Cetus 3D cpu board. My goal is
to create simple 32 board with complete g-code support. I’m using modified marlin 2.0.x.
Currently i’m testing such tools as cura, slic3r, repetier host, craftware. It’s working fine.

I am interested to get one final product, how much would you sell it?

It’s just a hobby project. I’m not going to sell anything.

<p>Awesome work.</p><p>What kind of stepper drivers does the existing mainboard have?</p><p>Have you tried using sensorless homing as a z-probe?</p><p>I was just about to order a Duet board and gut the entire mainboard, but I follow your path instead.</p><p> </p>

<p>It’s a bad idea. Buy new board.</p><p>Drivers drv8824.</p><p>Using sensorless homing as z prope will ruin you bed surface. I lot of force is needed to stop the axis.</p>

<p>nice work. how does the sensorless endstop work? i thought it only support TMC driver?</p>

<p>Any update?</p><p>I see your Github repo. What hardware is needed?</p>

<p>I replaced my CPU with TinyFab’s CPU, which supports native g-code and runs Smoothieware.</p><p>It took some adjustments but now runs perfectly, and even has support for Z probe for automatic calibration and bed leveling.</p><p> </p>

do you have a working config file that I can see? I am having issues with homing Z.

thank you