Cetus 3D won't initialize


I have a Cetus Mk2. Last few times I’ve tried powering it up it won’t initialize. When it’s powered on the light is solid red. When I hold down the initilaize button it will do the usual beeps. Then the Z-axis will move down about 1mm and stop. Then nothing else happens.

I’ve tried the ROM update from this forum and that didn’t change anything:

All of the ground wires are solid. And I have yet to look in the control box to look at the computer board.

What could have happened from a working printer one day and nothing on another day? What should I look at to get this working again?

Perhaps a chip like a resistor on the mainboard burned out. You need to check your mainboard .

I’ve pulled the main board and I don’t see any burned components or anything out of place. This printer continues to be very temperamental with me and its quite frustrating.