Cetus 3D Software won't install

mrbellcaptain 2017-8-21 21:17 edit

I am running Windows 10 64 bit and have been trying to get the software to install with no luck. The installation process begins, the green bar fills up then lowers and the installer simply states that the installation failed and to try again later. I have been trying since last night to get this running with no luck. I attempted in compatibility mode, as administrator, in compatibility as administrator, on a different computer with both of the previous options and nothing seems to change. It just loads, attempts to install, then fails and I would love any suggestions to help me out here.


The issue was when installing the software on Windows 10, the installation process would get to installing the driver and then fail due to the drivers being unsigned. Windows 10 does not provide any warning or error on this part and instead just cancels the install. Instead you need to disable the block on unsigned drivers


hope this helps someone in the future!

I have the same problem but the above procedure doesn't help...

I had the software properly installed.

I wanted to install the version manually, I have removed the previous version and since thatI can't install any version!

Any suggestion?

Any help is highly appreciated!


Hi Antonio,

Have you been able to get the Cetus software installer to load? I have tried the options shown on the internet without any sucess. 

I hope you found a solution.

cheers Colin