Cetus 3D software on Ipad do not works properly

<p>Dear Address,</p><p>I have reciever my Cetus 3D since more than 2 weeks ago and enjoyed till now very much, on the weekend I observed that the Cetus 3D app do not Works properly on my Ipad Air . It means that after a starup the app it collapse/close within few seconds. Of course I have done the usual steps like restart to Ipad, uninstall and install the app ( Cetus 3D HD) & update firmware on Ipad (iOS 11.3) , but all these steps do not helped at all. </p><p>So I came to the conclusio maybe it might come from the app.</p><p>Did somebody else reported similar issue? What could be the solution as it was a nice feature to get a control thru the Ipad.</p><p>Thanks in advance.</p><p> </p><p>Marcel</p>

<p>Issue solved , great help from the IT guys !</p>

<p>“Issue solved” is great - so why don’t you share the solution with the forum users?</p><p>This is why a forum is set up - to share experience and knowledge to a group of people who might run into the same problem!</p>

<p>As one of my professors sad , I learned to write you need to learn to read, even between the lines.</p><p>not to be unpleasant,here the solution. I did not get any reply on my question here therefore I wrote an email to the producer and got following email which gave also the solution .</p><p>We are merging the Cetus3D app into Up Studio App of Tiertime now. May be you can try UP studio app.</p><p>I have installed the Up Studio app and wait few day and now it works properly!</p><p>I have sent also a request to the IT guys that also the calibration tool should be available in the mobile app. It would be great ! Let’s see.</p>