Cetus 3D Mk2 w/ v2 Hotted Upgrade underextruding issue

My mk2 has been a goto printer for me for several years now and when I recently wore out my nozzles I decided to upgrade to the v2 hotend thinking it must be a better product. Since upgrading I have constant under extrusion issues most notable on the first layer. Nice wide raft and then it goes to a skinny almost non existent line for about 1/4in and then back to normal.

Ive played with z axis adjustment and had no change in results, played with temperature (currently using 215c for matchbox PLA) and yet again no changes. Not really sure what else to do… I don’t know all the ins and outs of the more complex adjustments and I’m not really sure why I would need to make those adjustments since I thought this would be a direct replacement part.

Any advise appreciated.

Can you provide some pictures?