Cetus 3d (mk2) - simple Klipper mod

I would like to present a very simple modification of the Cetus 3D printer (MK2) to Klipper firmware.

It consists of a cheap Bluepill module, simple PCB and a few resistors only. It supports a leveling sensor (microswitch mounted on magnets) and an ADXL345 module. The rest of the hardware (mainboard, motor drivers) remains the same. Additionally, the installation of physical endstops was required. I made them according to my own design, allowing for a reducing range of movement in the Z-axis (I rarely print objects taller than 100mm). I’m considering installing a Banana Pi Zero M2 module inside the enclosure, but currently, I’m using a mini ITX-type computer.

Due to the limited range of modification, the printer is still noisy and does not support bed temperature stabilization, fan speed control and so on.