Cetus 2 Black LCD Screen

After a couple of weeks doing some prints - turned my printer on today and the LCD screen is completely blank - no icons anywhere - fans all tuen on and sensor at nozzle tip working as I can get the red LED to flash by tapping it.

How to get the printer to function again ?

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You are not alone. Mine failded afer 2 hours, did not get a single print. Screen flashes black and white. Lets hope TT is quick in fixing this issue.

I took the base plate off my printer to double check that the screen was connected to the main board - it was - i even unlatched the ribbon cable from both and reseated it - still getting a blank screen - so either the screen or the main board has gne kaput - not good for a brand new device !

How do I go about getting a replacement for both ?

ooh - new main & screen boards are on their way - lets see if those will fix the issue & how long it lasts

Same, black screen and burnt electronics smell after 5 days and 3 prints

well - Tiertime raised an invoice for the new boards (zero payment required) - and now I’m getting emails requesting how its gone with replacing the parts in the printer - unfortunately nothing has arrived yet - the tracking number they supplied shows that nothing has actually been shipped to the UK yet !

This really isn’t good enough !

both the screen and main board replacements came - swopped them over - well i got the screen working again - BUT now when i try to initilize the printer nothing happens !

Double check all the connections - and they all match the original photo i took and the video from the cetus 2 youtube channel … now WTF has gone wrong with this machine !?