Can't print more than 1 object via USB drive at a time

I cannot work out how to get more than one object to print at a time via USB memory card on the up 300.

I go to the usb files, find the file I want, click “Add”. It says: “add success”
Then go to the next object, click add. Again: “add success”
Then I click print. And it only prints one part.

How do I print more than one part at a time via USB drive?

Add from USB only copy the print job into the job list. So the printer will print one part first and then print the next part after you confirm the removal of first part (have to setup print queue in UP Studio).

To print the 2 parts together, you have to put them into the same tsk file.

How do I put the two parts into the same tsk file?

Is there documentation explaining this anywhere? I tried to find it and could not find any.

load the 2 parts in UP Studio and save as a tsk file.

Thats what I did, and I ended up with multiple tsk files.

How do I save it as one tsk file so I can print it all at once?

Sorry I was not clear enough to explain the issue. To print multiple parts at the same time:

Option1: load stl files in UP Studio and save them into a single tsk file. In this case, all parts print with the same print paremeters. You will able to reprint it from touchscreen history list.

Option2: created tsk files individually and load them into UP Studio, while connected to printer, click print. In this case the print parameters could be different for each tsk files. However in the touchscreen history the print job will be break down into invdividual tsk files and user cannot reprint the whole job again.

Currently multiple task files cannot be merged into a single file, so option 2 is the only way to print multiple existing tsk files.