Can't print from main program - Studio 3.2.7

I finally got a chance to mess around with Studio 3.2.7, and everything seems to work as expected except for a couple of things…
For some reason there is a message at the top “no matching parameters”. Also the print button is disabled (grayed out) in the main program. I can make, save and print .tsk files just fine from WAND. I have the printer connected and picked at the top (Box+), and the correct material selected but still can’t print from main program. Is this a known bug, or am I doing something wrong?
FYI: Using Win10 on PC. I also have an older version of Studio installed on this PC. Could this be causing the issue?

Alright, found the issue!

For others that are having this problem, you need to have the printer SERIAL NUMBER selected, not the printer model name.