Can't initialize printer, constant red light


Recently my Cetus printer hasn't allowed me to print on it. When I turn it on the status light turns red and stays red even when I try to initialize the printer. It doesn't want to initialize at all and I also can't connect to the printer anymore on wifi so I've been trying to troubleshoot the printer while connected with USB.

Any suggestions?

cmeyer 2017-6-27 18:04 edit

You could remove the black CPU housing and make sure the main CPU daughter board is seated properly and same for the SD card.

Does your printer have the ground wire on the extruder? See the news/blog on this website if you don't know what I mean.

If you don't have the ground wire, your CPU may have been damaged by static discharge. If that's the case you'll need to contact support. If they charge you for the CPU you could also consider the alternate tinyFab CPU replacement.

Having a similar issue, red light, single beep if i hold the switch.

Computer sees the printer but wont initialize

Was never able to get wifi working.

<p>Same here, constant red light, single beep when button pressed, programme crashed when trying to connect to wifi and initialise button doesn’t work in Cetus3D despite printer being recognised. (Macbook Pro)</p>