Can't get a first layer right

Dave3D 2017-2-4 17:15 edit

I don't seem to be able to get any kind of successful print.

I've tried various settings for nozzle height but I can't get a first layer. All that happens is the extruded filament just ends up around the the nozzle.

I'm using the filament that came with the printer and the 0.4 nozzle with 0.2 layer thickness.

The more I watch it, it just seems its not sticking the bed.


Raft, or no raft?

Yes, with raft.  I think the problem is the filament is not sticking to bed at all.

I was having problems with first layer not sticking well (not as bad as what yours looks) but after putting a layer of blue painter tape down im now struggling to get the prints off the bed. 

Also have you calibrated the bed I was having issues until I recalibrated it a few time until I found the sweat spot I followed how this guy did it seems to have worked well for me 

Just a heads up this is my first 3D printer so I'm very new to all this just trying to help out, if anyone want to correct me please feel free 

@dedz9060 Yes, I went the blue tape route yesterday. But unlike you my raft was still lifting off!

This evening I finally got my test cube to print by using some 'Pritt' on top of the blue tape. Came off the bed reasonably easy as well.

This is my first printer too. It's interesting that you are struggling to get the prints off with just the Blue tape. I'm wondering if the ambient bed temperature plays a part in this?

What kind of filament are you using?

I use mainly PLA and I need the paint scraper to get it off the bed, and I've also tried ABS and had a fair amount of success with that too - even without a heated bed

@Dave3D maybe but its quite cold in my flat (student house) think I'm getting the hang of taking them of my last two prints haven't been as much as a struggle but I still need to be very careful otherwise I end up pulling off the tape, did you try recalibration your nosel might be too far from the print bed sounds strange that you need to use the blue tape and 'ritt' (assuming thats some form of glue)

Did you calibrate the plate or left it as is from teh factory? My plate is sticking better than a buildtak that I tried, didn't like and took off. make sure you use a piece of paper to set get the nozzle height proper then add .5mm. Mine was at 183.6 and final set nozzle height is 183.10. I print flawlessly with a raft. When printing without a raft, I do a nozzle offset by adding .2 or .3 at the print setting and it stick perfectly also.

PS: did you get a coated or non coated bed?