Cannot print anything, Model Out of Bounds of print area


I am having this issue for files, I have already printed.

I lost all my calibarion settings, my printer is not printing anything at the moment. I even tried doing a reset SD card, after this did not help?


Can you please recommend something.





Please can I get some support/advice for this? 

What am I supposed to do now? The software won't recognize the printer size. 

This started happening yesterday, after 2 prints, without an issue

try menu/settings/ clear cache


This happened to me too. For some reason, the calibration height set was lost, and the nozzle size too. Had to calibrate again. Problem disappeared after that. 

I experience this issue. The problem is that the calibration nozzle height is set to 0. Because of this, the printer thinks that the print area is between the nozzle height and 0, so there is no valid print area. To fix this issue, the printer nozzle height needs to be calibrated back to where it should be. This fixed the issue for me.

I am having this issue as well after printing a perfect benchy as the first print, shut the machine down (cleanly) to let the part cool and separate off the heated plate, and came back, (part just slide off, nice,) and fired it back up to print a new job, and it started bumping the hard-stop on z, (fixed with on half turn on z’s hard stop and a re-leveling) and all my parts appear WAY outside the build area (45° off X-Y I don’t know if +x+y, +x-y, -x-y or -x+y because no indicators or orientation points on the 3d work area grid, but correct in Z). Haven’t printed again yet, because I am still trying to deduce the issue.

Still fiddling around with that and my wifi issue (it’s on the network, has an IP but won’t connect to the app).

It would be nice if the app had position indicators, and jog controls for figuring these things out.