Can we get more Material Settings? Material retraction/extrusion controls too!


The software has a limit of 4 customizable material settings (7 if you include the defaults PLA, ABS, ABS+, but you can't change them). Unfortunately I've used all 4 customizable ones, and I keep having to delete/edit one when I switch between certain filaments (I currently need 174 C, 190 C, 200 C, 220 C, and 230 C for my materials).

More than 5 letters to name a filament would be really helpful too. Right now I've settled on naming them their temperature ("200 C"), but when we start talking heated beds, we're going to need more.

Finally, I'd really like some way to control how much plastic I'm pushing, and the ability to set a retraction. There's not much I can do to eliminate stringing right now, besides lowering temperature and tweaking the offset.


So much this.

Seems a bit weird to put those limits there.

As for the extrusion multiplier, I would love it, as my printer by default does not push enough material, leading to gaps in the prints

Currently we cannot provide such options, but you can use 3rd software to do that.

you may refer to this post: