Can’t connect to UP300 with wifi from Up Studio

Recently got an UP300, I’m very happy with the way it is running other than one issue.
I cannot connect to it over wifi from Up Studio on my laptop.
I can connect to it over wifi from the Up Studio app on my phone.
When I put my laptop right next to the printer and run a speed test over the wifi it is fine.
I’ve tried putting a wifi extender right at the printer.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Jon,

I run into this issue fairly regularly, sometimes you just have to click the serial number drop-down menu and wait a little bit, then click it again, wait a bit and it often works on 2nd or 3rd try. I find the issue occurs after I have hibernated the computer. Usually to solve this I have to turn off my computer, turn off the printer (both must be off at the same time, no idea why but otherwise I still can’t connect). Then turn them back on. One time I had to restart the router as well even though everything else in the house and on the network was working as expected, and this is a new high end router too. Very odd. Hope that helps a bit.

EDIT: great somehow ended up posting to a 9 month old thread… woops.