Can not import into Up Studio HD

After downloading a .stl I have tried both open with and share with Up Studio HD on my iPad from Files. With either option I get a pop up in Up Studio saying a model has been imported and would I like to open it. I select Open and get nothing. I have tried looking at the More... section but only the pre-loaded models are showing up there. I have also tried uninstalling, rebooting, reinstalling, as well as clearing the directory for Up Studio in my iCloud folder. So far nothing I have tried allow me to import models. Any suggestions?

This happens on both a 2020 iPad Pro and the 10.5 Pro. Latest OS, latest version of up Studio for iOS / iPadOS.

You can try erase content of the local UP Studio Folder in iOS Folders, this worked for me…

Tried that still no luck.

Did some more research and found a note here in the forum about this being broken last Oct. Can someone from TT confirm that bug has been fixed? If not is there an eta?