Calibration only in steps of 0.5 not 0.01


When I calibrate the nozzle height the nozzle only step in distances of 0.5mm. Only when it hits the print plate and is pushing onto it is starts to go in steps of 0.01mm. Not sure what I am doing wrong.



I'm having the same issue as you.  My printer also need to be recalibrated when it is shut off.  Do you have a MKII printer.  IMO, this might be an sofware issue with the new MKIIs  I was working with tech support on another thread on these issue, but then they went silent after I told them I'm running the most recent version of the software.   It's been 10 days since the last response from Jason.  This is getting really fustrating. 

we looking into this problem, will reply soon.

ReverendC 2017-9-20 07:06 edit

Same here.  I have to enter the nozzle height manually .1 or .2 mms at a time.

Looks like the latest version ( fixed it.

RamblinDan 2017-11-7 04:44 edit

I am running and no longer have the problem.