Calibration of the bed

HI, What is the ideal gap between the print nozzle and the print bed? I find using a bit of paper quite subjective, if I were to use a set of metal feeler gauges what size should I use?

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I usually leave 0.5mm when using PLA and a smooth print surface.

When printing ABS on perforated surface and if the model is quite large, I may add offset to reduce the gap so that the initial layers will have better adhesions.

As Jasons wrote, 0.5mm is good. I used a busines card and measure that with a calliper and followed “That 3D Print and Watch Guy” on youtube: After that i adjusted the bed with small amount on/for the 9 positions.
If you use normal paper, you should position the nozzle 0.5mm upwards and start from there.


Thanks guys, I calibrated the bed with a feeler gauge I had, 0.508 was the closest metric equivalent and gave me a nice crisp print!

@Jason-TT does nozzel size affect the gap? Or should it be 0.5 for all?!

Smaller nozzle would give thinner lines and less adhesion at the same gap, it may work, but reduce the gap by using the nozzle offset if it doesn’t work.

0.5 offset when using a raft, but I earely print a raft, so I use 0 offset.

I wrote a blog entry about the Cetus leveling, maybe this will help -

Arnold, check the bed crosswise with that ruler of yours. Mine was not flat!