Calibration doesn't do anything in latest software... Seems to be a major bug

Hi All, Can someone else please check this?

I’m using the latest software on an UP300 - And I’m having trouble getting ABS sticking to one spot. So I’ve done a few height calibrations, and after doing the manual calibration, the software should be adjusted.


When I try printing, the values for each of the 9 locations seem to make NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL.

My platforms are old and perhaps a little warped, but I have nearly a millimeter dialed in over the entire right side, and NOTHING CHANGES during the raft print. Seriously, this printer should be smashing the head through the print plate, BUT IT DOESN"T… It just prints the same way each time.

So I’m pretty sure the head height calibration just doesn’t work - and no one notices, because there’s not much difference in platform height by default… But this seems like a Major Bug in the latest Studio… Can anyone else change the height settings in calibration for a place other than the center and see if you get a difference?


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Are you sure? You may try format the SD card on the touch screen mainboard.

I kept pushing it out to nearly a half a mllimeter in variation with no change in raft stickyness on the right side, even though the calibration card was wedged in at the settings I was using, though from that, perhaps I am misunderstanding what Calibration does - I’m assuming it addresses the first layers down on the platform when printing, to adjust for height variation.

I also can’t do an auto calibration as the servo in my printer was faulty when first delivered, so I had to remove it as it kept getting in the way. All my calibrations are with the card over the 9 locations, and setting the distance in the software.

As it was, I saw your video by chance on manually adjusting the platform with the knobs underneath - I never knew they were there. What I measured was that it was about 0.4mm ( a lot ) out on the right side… and nothing would stick reliably. So I adjusted it manually so it’s within 0.1mm when everything is set to zero and did a calibration with the card, and now my platform is 0.0 on all locations… It sticks OK now, and I find I can adjust the stickiness with just 0.2 to 0.1 change in overall height, which ranges from “just reach in and remove it” to “Lever up an edge and it will pop right out” and if I set back to the original height which I check in the middle, the raft must be plied away, with remaining pieces pulled out, which is good for very large prints as it won’t warp with full-span ABS segments then.

So now I can use more of my platform than before, but I didn’t get the software manual calibration to work of late. It might just be something I did, or perhaps I do need something like a reformat. It never was quite the same after I installed the faulty firmware some time ago.

How do I reformat the flash card from the panel? The option doesn’t seem present in the panel under Config.

I assume the new touch panel should fix it also… And I am hoping that will also address the ABS burning out in the head when it waits too long during a print and then jamming the nozzle. It makes sense all of these things could be connected in a way, though perhaps with different root causes.

the compensation value does not result in Raft stickness, it results in raft thickness.
The stickness of raft to print is determine by a number of factors, eg “bond strength” parameter, temperature and cooling to nozzle.

That may be why, then, post-calibration the sides of the print lift when printing ABS.

After I manually adjusted the platform with the height adjusting screws, and set each location to 0 when doing the 9 point calibration, then the stickiness problem at the sides went away.