Calibration Clicking feeder

Hi there,

I have also not been able to calibrate my printer since I changed the nozzle.

it goes to 185 and there is a space where the head doesnt go down any more.

When printing rafts the extruder feeder clicks like if its broken

We need a new software update for Mac

Add search to forum, Lots of double posts due to no search button 

Quickest fix: screw out nozzle a half turn or so. Material will still feed.

I heard mine clicking the other day and saw the feed motor send the filament into the side of the throat and not down it to the nozzle. My nozzle was unscrewed quite a bit and the throat did not extend up all the way to where the filament is fed.  

I hadbthe same issue with the calibration. The official fix was to loosen - not remove - the three screws that hold the vertical axis. The whole thing then moves down a few mm, enough to bring it under the 185,then tighten again.

There should be a better way to do this.

The software needs to be updated to control the servos better for calibration

also the clicking noise is still not solved.

Any ideas?