Built platform coating pealing

My prints are sticking sooooo well to the buildplate, that they are pealing off the coating when I remove them.

Is anyone else having this issue.


I have similar indentations everywhere I've printed. I haven't done any testing, but initially I was worried that perhaps my nozzle was too close to the bed, and that this is actually the nozzle melting the coating. It hasn't peeled yet, so I stopped worrying about it... but now I'm a little concerned.

I do have an extra plate, so if I do end up ruining the coating I have that.

You're either printing too hot, too close, or both. I'm printing @ 194c with my PLA and it sticks well and comes off easy and doesn't ony show a very light ipressionw ith no deformation to teh surface.

I had the same thoughts, so I re-calibrated severl times and still had the same issues.

I decided to recalibrate again, only this time, I did not do as instructed and raised the nozzle until a single sheet of paper had no friction at all under the nozzle.  And my prints are now easier to remove.

My platform arrived already used with peeled parts already actually.

(small, but there)

@Arvi89, it's unfortunate but I  believe it's part of random QA proces where they will pull out a few to test. Unfortunuately they gave you a tested version, sorry. What I've done is use a 100 grit sand paper to lightly buff the surface, then lean with alchohol...good as new.

[quote][size=2][color=#999999]Arvi89 post at 2017-2-8 04:29[/color][/size]
My platform arrived already used with peeled parts already actually.(small, but there)[/quote]

Me too!

I'm not sure it's worth complaining about. As an ex-Tiko backer, I thank my lucky stars...