Build volume question

RogerMc 2017-2-23 15:29 edit

I've noticed that the offical specs show the build volume as 180x180x180mm.  Yet when I attempt to place an object that has dimensions < 150x150x150mm, it extends beyond the build envelope.  I am using the Cetus3D v1.1 software from the Mac App Store.  However, the about information in the program indicates V1.0.1 (20).  Can the printer in fact print 180x180x180mm?

Am I making some sort of user error?  Software error not matching actual hardware specs?

It appears the shown print volume is only 120x120x120mm.


Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 8.53.10 AM.jpgScreen Shot 2017-02-22 at 8.55.13 AM.jpg

Is your printer connected/configured correctly? I have a grid of 18x18 squares in my software, you appear to have less. Each is 10mm. My print bed is sized accurately and supports 180mm^2 printing. 

Could you possibly be using the UP Studio software instead of the Cetus3D software?


please send your serial number to

You can find in software - machine setting section on the top right corner or on the label under the machine. 

The machine may installed an incorrect CPU.