Build platform coating

I was under the impression that the platform was going to have some sort of special coating as originally described (gold looking).  My platform looks like plain cast aluminum.  Is this how it is supposed to look?

They came up with a much better version of the print bed.

It's smoother and still has great adhesion.

Here's a picture of mine after about 50 prints...




Thanks for the reply.  I wish I had time earlier to post a reply to my own post.  I should have waited to let the first print answer to my concern.  My models are popping off perfectly with hardly any effort on my part.  This thing is amazing.  

It does raise the question about how to maintain the surface.

@Cetus: Any recommendations on how to maintain the print bed?

Cleaning, etc...

I printed a few "Groots" using a wood PLA and the build plate isn't as "sticky" as it was.IMG_3154.jpg

It could be the Wood PLA residue on the build plate hindering further adhesion. May be you can try to make sure all the wood pla is removed from the surface?

I scraped as much of the wood residue off as I could with the included print removal tool (spatual-chisel-thing) and then used a slightly damp cloth to wipe it down.  That didn't help much.   Then I cleaned it with rubbing alcohol with no effect.  Then I tried a tiny bit of nail polish remover (acetone) and that helped a little.   Any other recommendations?

Can you tell me what the surface is coated with from the factory?  If so I could buy some and re-coat it.


By the way...   Still the greatest printer ever.

Check out these perfect roller rods for the new spool holder I'm designing.



Smooth and perfect.


Very nice! Wouldn't it be easier to print them standing up? Or are you going for strength? 

I'm getting VERY nice results with the 0.1 mm layer height with the 0.4 nozzle. Even the bottom surface on the raft looks nice then (it doesn't look very nice with the 0.2 layer height setting).

Anyone figure out what the build plate is coated with? I'd like to be able to recoat mine.  I'm having issues with the build plate coating comming off and I've only had the printer for less then a week. Would be sad to have to replace the build plate every couple of prints. 

I put acetone on the bed.... big mistake...

I tried acetone. It's not working and left some marks on the print bed. Don't try again. 

Hi Jason,

what kind of coating is this on the build plate? Is there a spare coating available in the future? It is perfect for PLA but at higher temperature filaments above 270 the coating wears off much more. So I would like recaot the plate it in the future.

Dear frankincell, Did you receive any answer about the designation of material the coating is made of? I have the same problem, but for 20 cetus MKII and i need to refresh the coating on the platforms after two years of usage.