Broke Nozzle neck, can it be fixed? Any alternative nozzle?

Hi people!

When trying to clean 0.4mm nozzle I accidentally dropped it and the neck broke off of it ?

Is there any hope for me to fix it? If not, does anyone have an experience of using a 3rd party nozzle on Cetus? Which nozzle will suit? I’d buy the original one, but the shipping to Germany is 16$ (!) and I cannot find it locally.


The nozzle and throat can be separated, as the throat (silver part) is just screwed into the nozzle (bronze part). Use another throat from you other nozzles.


If you use a throat from another nozzle just be careful not to over tighten, brass can fracture soooo easily. I was cleaning a nozzle the other day and might have installed a tad too much PTFE tape to the brass threads, thought there was a bit more to go and over-tightened…snap!