Bridging & Slicer

Drew up and printed a 30mm die. Printed with a .4mm nozzle, .1mm layer thickness and fine quality.

die 1 front.jpgdie 1 back.jpgdie 2 front.jpgdie 2 back.jpgdie surface quality.jpgdie overhang quality.jpg

You can see the interesting choices the slicer has made. It builds support when there are three or more pips on a side. The side with two pips has no support and the side with one used an infill. I rotated the die and printed it a second time to see if the choices were location independent.

The quality of the bridge is just as good unsupported, and there is no cleanup.

Also shown is the surface quality of the top (6) and bottom (4) of the cube. If the test PLA is 50g as marked, the unit is under-extruding by about 18% according to its own calculations of how much material has been used.

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