BOX wifi CPU unstable WiFi


I upgraded my BOX with the new WiFi CPU.

I find the WiFi connectivity very unstable.

The printer desapears all the time times and sending prints often fails.

I can check in my WiFi router that the link is stable and the coverage decent. I can also ping the printer without any problems.

This seems to me like a firmware issue or an up studio issue.

I also disabled the windows firewall, just in case.

Is there any fix to make WiFi more stable?

This is what I found out so far…

I asked support, and they pointed as WIFI as the cause of the problem.

I thought it was strange as my router was reporting a decent signal strength of -75db… in line with the average of my wifi router.

But then I noticed that the TX and RX rates were very different, 40M vs 5M, kind of.

So I replaced the PBC antenna with an external one with magnetic base. I tried different locations until the signal streng improved to -59DB.

Now I can see that TX and RX rates are more similar (70M vs 50M and the like).

I have sent a decent size print and worked fist time, which seems like a step in the right direction.

However I left UP Studio monitoring the print, time left, etc, and the connection drops from time to time, but I also feel like the “load” of the printer makes wifi more unstable: printing, pinging the device, etc. Seems to make the connection drops more likely.

Anybody else experiencing issues like this?

I going to wire up a spare router antenna (some parts still on order…), and test this out.
The printer has no problems maintaining a wired connection when the printer is busy ?
Perhaps a wireless connection requires more brain power.