BOX+ Power Connector

I wonder if anyone can help. Unfortunately where I work has been shut down
due to covid for over a year and so I haven’t been able to get to the UP Box+'s I use for large prins. Therefore been working with an old UP Plus, which is still giving amazing prints. However I have recently obtained an old non-working UP BOX+ for spares in the future. Inspecting it I am wondering if it might just be just a lack of a power supply, it is missing one, and a few screws etc. that is the problem. Before going to to the expense of buying a Tiertime replacement PS I wondered if I could at least check the cpu by applying low current 24v. Does anyone know what type the 4 pin connector is and connections?

Many Thanks

just take out the board and apply the power like a power cord should


 Thank you for the reply. I have had a look at the board, the connector is mounted on the board, and then looks as if it comes off via 4 fairly thick wires to a switch returning to another 4way molex type connector.

Are the 4 wires 2x24v + 2x0v or 4x24v ?
In either case I could possibly break into the lined at the switch. However is there any 24v branched
off to feed anything not through the switch?

Many Thanks

from what i see on my plus 2 board, the 4 pin are 2x24 and 2x0
though my mini 2 with power is currently using so i cant tell you inner or outer should be zero
if you want, i can go check it out for you on box+ at a friend when weekend

Hi there, did you get any success?
I have just finished setting up a 24v 10 open frame PSU from ebay at £13 but I did have to pay a few more £s for 1.5mm connections. I have the pin-outs somewhere…

Before spending serious money I did power it up with a low power 24v supply to check the electronics.