Best ratio quality/price for filaments, your experience?

Hi guys,

i finally got my Cetus and luckily i was farsighted enough to order the extra 700g spool of filament. 

Still i'd like to buy some other color and maybe different material, so i'd like to know what did you already tried (material and brand).

Unfortunately i don't have any friend whit a 3d printer so I can't try filament without buying it. :(

Anyway i read good reviews of Real Filament PLA, which seems to be pretty cheap (almost eSun cheap) and pretty good, did anyone tried it with the cetus? 'cause online i found many well printed objects done with RF PLA printed by a Zortrax (wchich costs like ten times my little Cetus, so maybe it can print more filament and better). Also I found eSun PLA+ to be fairly cheap and should be even better than PLA..

In the end I'd like to buy something but don't know exactly what.. 

Can any fellow Citezen help me out?

Thanks a lot

P.s. prices i'm reffering to are from

I exlcusinvely print with Esun PLA Pro. Stronger and has a slight flex that makes it not brittle.It also prints at a lower temp...I'm suing 194c. $25/1000kg is a great price. Here are some test prints using Esun PLA Pro gold and Blue. Esun_tests.png

Thanks BlueDinos, your prints look really good! The tiny mecha looks awesome ;)

I bought esun pla+ too (actually I bought normal pla, but received pla+, I'm not sure it's legit then, but quality is fine), no problem. I also bought wood pla, it was something like 26 usd for 1kg, awesome quality, no problem at all.

Thanks guys ;)

@arvi89: wood pla from Esun too?

@frogger1805: where did you get Verbatim PLA and how much did you pay? (could you please write in english?)

No, it was:

(I live in Beijing)

And the PLA I bought was but received

(not complaining for the free upgrade ^^)

BlueDinos, If you show me where I can get 1000kg of fillament for $25 I'll have to build a new room on my house to store it :-).  Unfortunately I'm pretty sure you mean $25/1kg.

Joking aside, I've been using Smartbuy PLA (about $18/1kg from Amazon) on my Cetus and haven't had any issues.